Sunday, October 23, 2011

inner monggolia

have been so long i never post any blog. at september 2011 i moved beijing to study chinese language and i can't open so many web. now i already find way to open it and today i start post blog again..

at 1 october 2011 i have 1 week holiday and i went to inner monggolia..
inner monggolia is a nice place to go but so tired on the way to go there. i wasted 17 hour from beijing to inner monggolia.

this is picture after i arrived inner monggolia and have a dinner with my friend and some korean girl. at that night was so cold...-7 C.

i slept at this room, 605. so lucky they make a good tend. actually i didn't stay at the real tend, coz i already freeze at that room. i can't imagine how i could survive if i stayed at a real monggolian tend..
i went to desert when i was at inner monggolia. riding camel and playing sand board. it was a nice time. thats my first time going to desert and i riding camel. to bad i just spent a short time there since my tour so hurry. but at least i ever visit inner monggolia.

Monday, May 09, 2011

beautiful photos and editing

Today beautiful picture and editing..
actually i forget where i found this picture and who took this..i already save it on my desktop without the link >.<
sorry for the photographer..i'm promise next time i will put who did the beautiful photo i share on this blog..

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

picture can tell a story

I always admire leg photos .. although we can not see the face of the couple but the photos can describe when they're in intimate and lovely..

i really intrest about photography because they do not move but they can tell a story.. picture do not move but they can capture your expresion and your moment when you happy, when you sad and when you fall in love.. sometime we can remember a moment at our brain but by the time they will blur and we can recall all of it with all the photos we have..

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Summer in France - Andrew & Swasti by axioo photography

i often here about this couple, andrew & swasti at my office, many of my friends like their photo shoot. actually this couple already take a pre wed photo shoot before i work at my office, then i've never seen their photo before, only a few display at the office. and today when i look at their album, i really like it.. swasti looks so beautiful with their dresses.. i dont know how much she should pay to bring all her dresses from indonesia to france...

i want my prewedding at france!!!