Sunday, October 23, 2011

inner monggolia

have been so long i never post any blog. at september 2011 i moved beijing to study chinese language and i can't open so many web. now i already find way to open it and today i start post blog again..

at 1 october 2011 i have 1 week holiday and i went to inner monggolia..
inner monggolia is a nice place to go but so tired on the way to go there. i wasted 17 hour from beijing to inner monggolia.

this is picture after i arrived inner monggolia and have a dinner with my friend and some korean girl. at that night was so cold...-7 C.

i slept at this room, 605. so lucky they make a good tend. actually i didn't stay at the real tend, coz i already freeze at that room. i can't imagine how i could survive if i stayed at a real monggolian tend..
i went to desert when i was at inner monggolia. riding camel and playing sand board. it was a nice time. thats my first time going to desert and i riding camel. to bad i just spent a short time there since my tour so hurry. but at least i ever visit inner monggolia.